Owners Brandon and Michelle Ross have been passionate about growing the tastiest produce possible for over 20 years. Brandon’s interest in farming began in college when he worked on an organic berry farm on the central coast. Michelle’s love of gardening grew out of her summer visits to her grandparents home where she feasted from their garden and was amazed by how different the vegetables and fruit tasted from their store bought counterparts.
After years of working with pioneers in the organic food movement, Brandon and Michelle started Ella Bella Farm in 1999. it was named after their oldest daughter Ella. They sold their produce at farmers markets, fine restaurants and grocery stores throughout the San Francisco bay area. Although they loved their clientele they craved a slower pace and a small town environment for their younger children. They explored many places and fell in love with Southern Oregon.
The  seasons are very different from the central coast of California and they are discovering the benefits that cold winters and hot, dry summers lend to their organic farming practices.
This fall after two years of searching they found the perfect farm site that is situated between Wagner Creek and the Talent Irrigation Ditch. This and the alluvial soil allows them to practice a method of growing tomatoes called dry farming. They will be harvesting these incredible tomatoes along with a beautiful selection of heirloom tomatoes, specialty peppers and winter squash this summer and fall. Being on a new piece of land always offers opportunities for growth and the ever humbling force of mother nature keeps this work in perspective. They are excited to finally feel at home now that they are doing what they love.