The past two weekends we have been busy planting 4 varieties of strawberries at the farm. When the plants arrive they are  dormant, scrawny roots. It seems unlikely that anything could grow from them. Yet lo and behold two weeks later the plants have several leaves and are loving it here. My husband Brandon is elated.… Continue reading Strawberries

Winter Squash Wonderland

This year has been amazing for the winter squash at the farm. We have never seen anything like it. The enormous size of the plants, the multitude of happy bees visiting them and the bounty of production has been a wonder to behold. We will start harvesting the Delicata, Carnival and Red Curry next week.… Continue reading Winter Squash Wonderland

Round of Hungary Peppers

These plump, smokey,rich little beauties are delicious roasted, grilled and sautéed. They are a little finicky to grow but are a true treat when they arrive.

IMG_0521I tossed these peppers in some olive oil and roasted them for 30 mins. at 425. The skins came off easily and I used them for sandwiches, and in our breakfast scramble. They have a smokey and rich flavor.

Pink Tie Dye Tomatoes

Last week’s heat wave finally inspired our tomatoes and peppers to get a move on and we are now flush with fruit. Although we lost some tomatoes and peppers last week due to scald, this week’s supply is beautiful and so flavorful! We are really pleased with the dry farmed tomatoes which championed through the… Continue reading Pink Tie Dye Tomatoes

Italian Peppers

What a treat to walk the rows and eat a crisp, sweet Italian pepper right off of the stalk. The cooler weather this week has done wonders for their flavor and texture. I always knew that Italian peppers were delicious grilled, sautéed and roasted but I didn’t realize how amazing they are raw. The thin… Continue reading Italian Peppers

What are Dry Farmed Tomatoes?

Dry farming is practice that has been used for hundreds of years. Farmers in areas where the water table is high and the soil composition and fertility are well managed have used this practice to not only conserve water but to produce fruit and vegetables that have maximum flavor and are longer lasting. Once tomato… Continue reading What are Dry Farmed Tomatoes?